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Increase your sales potential with marketing envelopes.

Envelopes are used by just about every business, but many people don´t realise the marketing potential that envelopes offer. Not only do envelopes package your mail, they can convey important information and entice potential buyers to read your mail.

If your company uses direct mail to reach customers, you´ll understand that you face some hurdles to achieve a successful campaign result. Firstly, you need to make sure that your envelopes are not thrown out (before being opened), and secondly you need to make sure that the recipient takes the time to open the envelope and read what is inside.

Your direct mail envelopes have a similar job to a door-to-door salesperson. They have a few seconds to make an impression and persuade the customer to spend time considering your offer. So how do you present your envelopes?

  • Consider sending quality envelopes with the name and address of your prospect printed on he front.
  • Treat the envelope like a billboard. Print teaser copy on the outside to entice the reader to open that envelope. Good teaser copy highlights the benefit to the recipient, is specific and grabs attention.

Remember the outer of your envelope affects whether your customer decides to spend time looking at your offer.